At Sri Sairam hospital we aim to offer precision care for different cancers irrespective of age and gender. Our team offers top-notch services with advanced facilities and is committed to providing accurate diagnostic services to patients. We have a very well experienced Dr.Krishna Murthy – M.B.B.S,MS,MCH  and his team to serve best treatment in oncology patients. 

In case, if a person is suffering from a tumor and hematological malignancy related to it, then the doctors diagnose the conditions at the earliest and then start with the treatment without further delay. Benign and malignant tumors which could be fatal are treated with care and compassion by doctors and nurses.

Other than hormonal therapy, immunotherapy, and targeted therapy is used to reduce the growth of cancer cells and also to generate immunogenic responses. The team of the oncology department of the hospital provides treatment based on the treatment plan while considering the various factors. 

With years of experience, oncologists and hematologists handle cancer patients with a sense of compassion. Don’t worry; any stage of cancer can be cured with the help of advanced technology and medicines. Furthermore, personalized patient care is provided according to the patient’s health condition. The medical professionals of the oncology department work closely with radiologists, surgeons, general physicians, and nutritionists to ensure that a patient gets the best treatment. Sri Sairam hospital also provides therapies post-surgery which helps a patient to recover from the disease faster. 

We ensure that the latest technologies are used to treat patients and also everything is performed under one roof. Have any concerns or queries associated with cancer? Do reach out to us at (080) 41202341 or mail to sairamhospitalbtm@gmail.com for immediate response.

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