The endocrinology department of Sri Sairam Hospital has several eminent medical professionals who provide the necessary treatment related to the endocrine system and disorders in the body. Several disorders such as diabetes, thyroid disorders can be caused due to the lack of hormones or excessive production of hormones of several glands present in the body, such as the pituitary, adrenal, thyroid, gonads, and others. 

The doctors in our department can provide therapeutic services after consulting and diagnosing the endocrine disease. Not only hormonal disorders but a person suffering from endocrine cancer would also be treated in the Endocrinology department of the hospital. Advanced technologies are used by the staff to provide the best treatment possible to all the patients. Patient care is our first priority, so in most cases, the diagnosis of the disease is done using non-invasive techniques.

You don’t have to worry about the treatment, as before taking any decision, the instructions and procedures are shared with the patient’s family.  

In some males and females, infertility is caused due to the lack of hormone production in the body. This condition can also be treated with hormone replacement therapies. Other than infertility issues, osteoporosis, obesity-like conditions which can prove to be extremely fatal are also taken care of by the doctors and nurses. With expertise in the field and years of experience, proper diagnosis is done and treatments are provided according to the tests. We promise long-term commitment and take care of patients even after the treatment. At Sai Ram Hospital, Bangalore, we have trained surgeons offering the best treatment for healthy living.

We aim to improve the heart for a healthier tomorrow. Meet our Endocrinologists in personnel or reach out to us at info@srisairamhospitals.com for any concerns.

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