The expert team of pulmonologists in the pulmonology department of the Sri Sairam Hospital is capable of doing complex surgeries and critical medical procedures with a high accuracy rate. Patients of all ages are provided treatment with care and compassion. To provide the most effective care to the patient, the medical professionals of the pulmonology department of the hospital collaborate with expert doctors from other departments.

The pulmonology department also has its laboratory, where numerous tests are done by using modern equipment to diagnose pulmonary diseases in the human body. A section of the laboratory consists of high-end technological equipment to conduct studies on human sleep. These studies help medical professionals to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea, hypoventilation syndrome, snoring disorders, daytime sleepiness, and other disorders.

Pulmonology department doctors along with laboratory technicians provide bronchoscopy services of both types flexible and rigid. The list of procedures that are performed by the pulmonologists includes trans bronchial needle aspiration (TBNA) also known as biopsies, balloon bronchoplasty, interventional bronchoscopy, endobronchial electro surgery procedures, and others. Stents are also implanted in the body if the pulmonologists of the hospital feel the necessity of it. Besides this, to treat acute conditions of a patient, video-assisted thoracoscopic procedures and pleuroscopy are performed by professionals with nurses. A patient is diagnosed by using the latest technologies and modern tools to deliver better patient care. Right from the windpipe to the lungs, if your concern involves the respiratory system, then our doctors could help you out. Call us at (080) 26860159 and we would reach you at the earliest.

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