Wondering which hospital is the best for Neurosurgery? 

Sai Ram Hospital Bangalore is named the best Neurological hospital in Bangalore. Several disorders related to the nervous system are treated by our professionals based on observation. The neurologists of the department diagnose patients at first and then start with the best procedure for treatment. Our team of Dr. Sachin – M.B.B.S,MS,MCH  ( BRAIN & SPINE ) & Dr. Usman -M.B.B.S MS,MCH  ( BRAIN & SPINE) ensures that the patients get well soon and brings them closer to a speedy recovery.  

With the help of modern technologies and the latest equipment, comprehensive care is provided by doctors along with a conglomeration of technology. 

Critical neurological disorders such as epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease are treated with utmost care. Other than that paralytic disorder, sleep disorders are treated and management of multiple sclerosis is done with precision. One of the most common neurological problems is stroke and it is cured by the neurologists of Sri Sairam Hospital. Not only the doctors, the nurses, and the supporting staff of the hospital treat patients of all ages. The neurology department consists of expert surgeons from across India who use the necessary tools and technologies to treat a patient suffering from neurological disorders.

The Neurological department of the hospital is known for its high rate of accurate diagnosis. With a team run by the best surgeons in India, shorter hospital stays and saving a patient’s life is key at Sri Sairam hospital. 

We understand that the disease could be critical and patients with severe conditions should be treated at the earliest. Having said that, our emergency services standby for expert care in need. At Sai Ram Hospital, you can be assured of receiving the best medical care while ensuring the best use of time.

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