Internal Medicine

Several ailments that patients deal with can be treated with the help of internal medicine. Internal medicines are an important part of primary care services. The department of internal medicine in Sri Sairam Hospital tries their best to treat patients. In case, if medicines do not work, then surgery is performed. The department is well equipped with modern technologies to deal with acute illnesses, such as joint pains, infections in tracts and organs of the body, and lesions on the body.

We have highly experienced team of healthcare professionals, along with staff providing care to patients of all ages. We are having a team of DR. Rajesh Shavi (MBBS.DNB) & Dr. Mamatha (MBBS.DNB) also provides health education and counseling to deal with the disease and conditions related to the disease. The counseling is done by experts to help a patient on the way to recovery. The multidisciplinary care provided by the physicians in the internal medicine department provides aid in the treatment process of the patient.

The doctors of the department of internal medicine work with other departments to provide the best care possible to every patient by evaluating the disease properly and also perform several diagnostic procedures. Every patient’s case is studied in-depth before starting the treatment, to ensure the patient’s cure and speedy recovery. Furthermore, patients are provided with the facility of follow-up visits that are required after the treatment.

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