The Nephrology department of Sri Sairam Hospital, Bangalore, treats several acute and chronic kidney-related problems with utmost care. Right from minimal requirements such as dialysis facility to critical surgical procedure of kidney transplant, everything is performed by the doctors with the help of supporting staff. After a patient comes to the hospital, he or she is diagnosed first and a kidney transplant is performed based on the results. 

We feel proud saying that our department has a very high success rate in performing transplants. Patients of all ages from children to adults are treated with the help of superior clinical facilities provided by the doctors of the nephrology department of the hospital.

At Sai Ram Hospital, the medical team of the nephrology department consists of urologists, nephrologists, and surgeons. They have years of experience in performing kidney transplant procedures. The doctors diagnose the patient with the most advanced technologies and then if surgery is required preoperative evaluation of the patient’s body is done. This is done to reduce the chance of complexities after the surgery. As mentioned earlier, dialysis is also given to patients suffering from kidney-related problems. Superior care is provided by the nephrology department and the treatment procedure is explained to the patient’s family before performing the critical procedures. We assure you of providing the best services so far and render comprehensive care under one roof. 

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