Sri Sairam Hospital is one of the best dermatology hospitals in Bangalore that offers exceptional treatment to patients. Right from nail surgeries to hair removal, and electro surgeries to drug reactions, we have got you covered. Our team of Dr. Ashish Shetty (MBBS.MD) top dermatologists and other healthcare professionals from across India lets you make informed decisions about health. 

We aim to provide the best patient care and to deliver patient satisfaction without any hassle. Before taking any decision, the patient is informed about the steps and procedures required for the treatment. Furthermore, our professionals are always ready to answer any patient query related to diseases. 

To cure a patient, our dermatologists use all the advanced equipment and modern high-end technologies. The skin condition of a patient can be improved with the help of the Microdermabrasion technique. This non-invasive procedure is performed by the medical professionals of Sri Sairam Hospital while keeping patients’ health conditions in mind. Skin Biopsy is a medical procedure that can cure lesions or rashes of the skin. The team of experienced dermatologists is capable of operating different procedures by using modern tools. 

 We, at Sri Sairam Hospital, Bangalore, provide the best services related to skin and assure you of delivering satisfying results.

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